KYOCERA AVX Gas-Tight Wire-to-Board IDC Connectors

KYOCERA AVX Gas-Tight Wire-to-Board Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) are surface-mount connectors that facilitate simplicity in connecting individual wires directly to a PCB. The dual IDC contact system employs a redundant gas-tight interface to the wire that has been tested for reliability up to automotive levels of temperature, shock, and vibration. These KYOCERA AVX connectors are available in various heights, termination styles, and configurations.


  • IDC contact provides a gas-tight connection to the PCB for long-term reliability
  • Tested to automotive levels for shock, vibration, and temperature cycling for reliability
  • Reduced total applied cost versus solder or crimp processes
  • Low and high volume assembly tools to match production volume
  • High-temperature insulator capable to 260°C reflow soldering process


  • Connecting discrete wire directly to the PCB
  • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy-chaining PCBs together to create a continuous string of boards
Published: 2019-02-07 | Updated: 2023-05-19