IXYS Integrated Circuits PLB171 OptoMOS® Relays

IXYS Integrated Circuits PLB171 OptoMOS® Relays are single-pole, normally closed (1-Form-B) solid-state relays that use optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide enhanced input-to-output isolation of 5000VRMS. The PLB171 series is specially designed to provide 7mm of separation between the two output pins. The optically coupled outputs use patented OptoMOS architecture and are controlled by a highly efficient infrared LED. IXYS PLB171 OptoMOS Relays offer superior reliability over electromechanical relays and are designed to replace the relays as well. These devices provide bounce-free switching in a compact surface-mount package.


  • 7mm separation of output pins
  • 800VP blocking voltage
  • 500VRMS input/output isolation
  • Low drive power requirements
  • Arc-free with no snubbing circuits
  • No EMI/RFI generation
  • Surface-mount package
  • UL 94V-0 flammability rating
  • Approvals
    • UL certified, File E76270
    • EN/IEC 60950 certified, TUV Certificate B 13 12 82667 003


  • Medical equipment - patient/equipment isolation
  • Instrumentation
  •  Multiplexers
  • Data acquisition
  • Electronic switching
  • I/O subsystems
  • Automotive high-voltage circuitry
  • Industrial controls
  • Aerospace
  • Security systems
  • Meters (watt-hour, water, gas)

Pin Configuration

IXYS Integrated Circuits PLB171 OptoMOS® Relays

Timing Diagram

IXYS Integrated Circuits PLB171 OptoMOS® Relays
Published: 2016-03-29 | Updated: 2022-03-11