PowerStor / Eaton TV Supercapacitors

PowerStor / Eaton TV Supercapacitors are high-power, maintenance-free energy storage devices with a long life. These capacitors are 3V, 10F to 100F cylindrical products with increased energy storage and power. TV supercapacitors are a drop-in replacement for HB or HV products. They provide higher power than HB or HV products with a reduced size for the same operating voltage. The operating life of the TV series is more than twice that of the HB or HV products. PowerStor / Eaton TV Supercapacitors provide low ESR with high pulse power, and a wide operating range across a broad temperature range.


  • Broad capacitance ratings
  • 3V voltage rating
  • 10%, +30% tolerance
  • Low ESR
  • -40°C to +65°C operating temperature range
  • Factory TS16949 certified


  • Electricity meters and radio communications
  • Door and trunk locks
  • Server backup
  • Valve and actuator power
  • Remote RF radio power
  • Gaming machine backup
  • Battery life and run-time extension


Published: 2016-07-01 | Updated: 2022-09-29